Local banks and credit: from crisis to the new regulatory proposals for the development of lending policies in favour of the real economy

Intervento di Arnone M. e di Ofria F. (2014) in (a cura di) Bracchi G., Masciandaro D. “Reshaping commercial banking in Italy: new challenges from lending to governance” , Bancaria Editrice

In the coming months the European scenario will be characterized at least by three features: weak growth, high liquidity, and a new supervisory architecture (Single Supervisory Mechanism). In such an environment which will be the perspectives for the Italian commercial banks? Which are the potential drivers of banking efficiency and profitability? Will the Banking Union contribute to the stability and growth?
The 19th Report on the Italian Financial System investigates key issues in two broad areas of research: banking and governance. In the Part One, the Report offers new empirical results on the evolving relationships between banks, firms and retail customers, with a special focus on lending, both at the micro and macro level.


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