by Fabrizio Tuzi (Director of the Institute)*


In Italy, spending on Research and development (R&D) relative to GDP is recovering slightly, going from 1.0% in 2000 to around 1.4% in 2016. However, the Country still remains at the bottom of the European ranking.

These numbers have been revealed by the “Rapporto sulla Ricerca e Innovazione in Italia” (Report on Research and Innovation in Italy) edited by the National Research Council. The Report, second edition, has been presented in Rome, the last 15th October, at the presence of the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, the Minister of Education, university and scientific research, Lorenzo Fioramonti.



Fabrizio Tuzi, Director of ISSIRFA, together with Daniele Archibugi, Director of IRPPS, has supervised this second edition which is composed of four chapters dedicated to : (1) The Italian participation to European Frameworks Programs; (2) An analysis of strong and weak scientific fields of the academic research in Italy; (3) The demographic structure of Italian researchers; (4) The public demand of innovation, written by Andrea Filippetti, Raffaele Spallone and Fabrizio Tuzi (ISSIRFA), that investigates to what extent the public procurement generates new R&D and innovation in the Country.

The analysis pointed out that in 2018 the procurement for R&D reached 176 million euro, barely 0,15% of the amount of goods and services purchased by the public administration. The authors indicate that a moderate increase in these numbers would be enough to significantly increase the total resources invested in R&D: a spending target for R&D procurement of 1% of the total value of national procurement would lead to an annual increase of public R&D demand of about 1.35 billion euro.

The message has been welcomed by an amendment presented in the 2020 Italian Budget Law in the Parliament by Confindustria and the Italian Conference of the Regions.


The Director and all the researchers and staff of ISSIRFA wish to all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

On this occasion we want to express to Prof. Stelio Mangiameli our deepest gratitude and affection for his professional and personal effort during his nine years’ mandate as Director of the Institute.




Tuzi, F. organizer and chairman of the round table “L’attuazione del federalismo asimmetrico nel regionalismo italiano” during the 40th Conference of Aisre (L’Aquila,16-18 Settembre 2019).

Tuzi, F. group leader with Daniele Archibugi (IRPPS) of Social Science and Humanities Department of CNR Research group “Relazione sullo stato della ricerca e dell’innovazione in Italia”. The research activities and the results were presented to the scientific community and to the Italian government at CNR, Rome, on 15th October 2019.

Tuzi, F. gave a speech entitled “I costi dell’asimmetria” at the Annual Conference of the Interregional Legislative Observatory, on 21th November 2019 in Florence.

Arabia, A. was invited at the Legal Science Department of University of Verona for a lecture on "La forma di governo regionale a vent'anni dalla legge costituzionale n. 1 del 1999" in Verona, on 11th December 2019.

Colasante, P. was asked to teach “The Reform of Public Administration in the professional training of employees at the Consiglio della Regione Abruzzo ".

Filippetti, A. invited speaker at the Osservatorio Legislativo Italiano (OLI) on “Asymmetric regionalism and fiscal federalism”, Florence, 21 November, 2019 (

Filippetti, A. participated at the Annual Conference SIE – Società Italiana degli Economisti and presented a Paper on “Civic Engagement and Diversity: a Spatial Analysis in three Italian Cities”, University of Palermo, 24-26 October 2019.

Filippetti, A. participated at the Annual Conference of the International Association of Centres for Federal Studies (IACFS) and presented a Paper on “Asymmetric regionalism in Italy: the case of school personnel”, Speyer, Germany, October 2019.

Saputelli, G. participated to the UACES 49th Annual Conference presenting a paper on “Role and Value of Subnational Entities in and for the European Integration Process the Italian experience”, in Lisbon, 1-4 September 2019.

Saputelli, G. participation to the AISRE annual conference presenting a paper on “Between exit and disintegration: devolution and intergovernment relation in United Kingdom after Brexit”, L’Aquila, 16-18 September 2019.

Saputelli, G. Lecture on "Europe of Regions and Regions of Europe: trends and developments from a top-down view to a bottom-up perspective", hosted by the Edinburgh Europa Research Group at The University of Edinburgh, Law School, Old College, 15 October 2019.

Saputelli, G. Lecture on "European citizenship”at the University of Pavia, 3 December 2019.




Colasante, P., La giurisprudenza costituzionale e il "labirinto" del riparto delle competenze in materia di idrocarburi, in Osservatorio costituzionale, 6/2019.

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Losavio, C., La “consistenza” della competenza legislativa regionale in materia d’agricoltura, in Cristiani E., Di Lauro A., Sirsi E. (a cura di), Agricoltura e Costituzione. Una costituzione per l’agricoltura, In onore di Marco Goldoni, Pisa, pp. 63-71.

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Spallone R., Tuzi F., Filippetti A., La domanda pubblica d’innovazione: verso un piano d’azione per il procurement di ricerca e sviluppo in Italia in Relazione sulla Ricerca e l’innovazione in Italia. Analisi e dati di politica della scienza e della tecnologia, CNR edizioni (2019).

Spallone R., Tuzi F., Filippetti A., Aiuti di Stato e disparità territoriale in Italia, analisi quantitativa e implicazioni di policy, in la Finanza territoriale 2019, IRES, IRPET, SRM, PoliS, IPRES, Liguria Ricerche, Rubbettino 2019.




Gentilini, A. Giachi, L. Proia, F. Visitors in Moldova, Academy of Sciences, 22-25 November 2019, for the Bilateral Project (Italy-Moldova) “The tools to safeguard minimum social and civil rights in Republic of Moldova and Italy”.

Saputelli, G. Jean Monnet Early Career Visiting Fellowships at Edinburgh Law School from the 13 October to 20 October 2019.


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