Luiss School of Government, Rome

The Summer Program intends to cope with the main challenge constitutionalism and representative institutions are currently facing in Europe and beyond, namely  the pandemic. By bringing together an interdisciplinary group of renown international scholars, in particular in the fields of constitutional and EU law and in political science, as well as professionals, the Summer program will try to untangle the following problematic knots: How has the COVID-19 outbreak affected the usual timing of democracy (ie. the holding of elections, referendums etc.) and the long-standing executive dominance? Are the effects of the pandemic going to be just temporary or permanent on the organization and the functioning of legislatures and with which implications over time? Which actors, at domestic and at supranational levels, have mainly contribute, directly or indirectly, to strike the balance amongst the many competing rights and interests at stake in the management of the pandemic? How has the epidemiological emergency influenced the relationship between representative and technocratic institutions, on the one hand, and between democratic legitimation and scientific expertise, on the other? What will be the likely role of parliaments in the recovery from the pandemic?